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Bankruptcy is proved to be the United States landscape as far as commerce is concerned. The concepts have been applied from many years back and until today. Yiu will note that many people have a belief that bankruptcy law is of significant importance where they have gone to an extent of giving it a federal jurisdiction in America it is the task of the federal government to legislate and have the bankruptcy law applied in many different aspects. The courts gave on the other hand being responsible for making the judgments based on the bankruptcy matters. The debtors have their side of view as far as bankruptcy law is concerned. According to debtors, bankruptcy is a concept where one has the right to petitions the courts to make it possible to have their liabilities realized. Yiu will note that most of the corporations, medium sized businesses, as well as individuals have gone to an extra step of availing themselves to take the advantage of bankruptcy law.

Of late the petitions are quite many in America and reports indicate that most of them are being field by individuals. Yiu will also note that the persons filling the petitions come from different parts of the world. Some of the individuals nowadays filing the petitions include business persons, politicians, government officials, major athletes, celebrities among others. They have been able to have the petitions filed successfully to take the advantage of bankruptcy law. Persons who are in the middle class and in employment are able to have the petitions filed with ease to benefits from the bankruptcy law. There are many benefits that come with filing for bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy is much beneficial since it is meant to force an immediate halt to the entire collections which the creditors make. Since such creditors must then need to be permitted from the court before continuing to the collection process. This is of great benefit to the ind1ividual linked to such a creditor.

Once the debtor make a submission of the petition to the court, the judge will have to issue a relief to the court where the debtor will be free from harassments, phone calls, as well as threatening letters It is also the best way to have the individuals getting a relief from wage garnishments, collections lawsuits, as well as repossession actions which are meant to harass the debtor. Once the bankruptcy lawyers is involved the filing of petition is done with ease and all types of relief an individual want are released within a short period. The main objective of an individual seeking a bankruptcy filing relief is to help in returning the filing debtor to a state of financial solvency. This is also to get the person in a position for fresh start. The type of a discharge or even the cancellation of the debts is normally determined by the type of relief an individual requested when filing the petition. Besides, there can be an establishment of the payment schedule depending on the kind of relief the attorney requested for. Report indicates that most debtors have benefited from the bankruptcy law depending on one’s case.

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